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Stand-Alone Sermons

Sermons that are not included in a sermon series

Over the Rainbow: Replacing Tomorrow with Today

We all make assumptions. We build tomorrow into our lives as if God gave us some guarantee that things will go like we plan. The future is never meant to replace today. Unfortunately, that’s how most people live. It’s easy to get obsessed about things we want to do, goals we want to achieve, and how certain challenges are going to turn out. God wants us to trust him today. God wants us to live for him today. Why? Because he’s already taken care of our future by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Join us for this series as we explore some important passages of living in the NOW.

Verdict: The Final Decisions of a Guilty World

Easter week was like a giant courtroom for Jesus and humanity. People offered him questions, rebuttals, and lots of challenges, but the final verdict belonged to God. Join us as we explore the courtroom of Easter. You might discover alot of the people remind you of someone you just might know.

Rhythm: Keeping a Spiritually Steady Life

We all get off-track at times. Life gets busy, chaotic and the first thing that often suffers is our faith. That’s why it's so important to develop a spiritual rhythm to our life where we prioritize the same things God does. This series will explore the areas of the Christian life that are vital to a vibrant life for Christ.

Finding Christmas: BC to AD

It’s hard to find Christmas in a commercialized world. We get busy, distracted and often refuse to slow down enough to emphasize Christmas in a life-changing way. The Scriptures are filled with hope of the Messiah’s arrival to save his people. This four-week series takes a look at what both the Old and New Testaments have to say about Christmas and what it means to you.

Ekklesia: Christ Died For It

We live in a nation of decreasing church attendance and secular thinking. Gathering together as God's people has been replaced with online streaming and YouTube sermons. Let's face it. Most don't see a need for church. God doesn't share that sentiment. In fact, it is the very thing God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for. The church is not an activity of life it is an essential to life. The very one that God offers. This series looks at various aspects of the church and reminds us of the important role God desires it to play in our life.

Price: The Cost of Christianity

Let’s face it. Christianity is filled with penny pinchers. There are too many cost cutters who name the name of Christ. Churches are like thrift stores filled with bargain hunters. Cheap grace replaced the cross with bargain basement prices. Too many today want Jesus on-sale. God offers no such bargain. He doesn’t run a five-and-dime store and following His Son isn’t found on the discount rack. Christianity has a price. God has set that price and He will not cheapen it by offering it on-sale. He desires that those who follow His Son would count the cost and pay the price of discipleship, willingly. Oh, and just so you know, it will cost you everything.

Town Hall: Questions People Asked Jesus

We all get busy, distracted and consumed by a lot of things and when something has to get postponed, delayed, or rescheduled its usually God. This series is about the faith to make the tough choices in life. It’s about telling your life, and those in it, to take a number because going forward your life is about you and God.

Personal: Making It All About God

We all get busy, distracted and consumed by a lot of things and when something has to get postponed, delayed, or rescheduled its usually God. This series is about the faith to make the tough choices in life. It’s about telling your life, and those in it, to take a number because going forward your life is about you and God.

The Inflexible Gospel

Religious and non-religious alike have created an unhealthy serving of God. Like buying processed food at the supermarket churches have prepackaged God to fit the liking of the consumer. The nutritional value of modern religion focuses solely on taste with loads of sweeteners added to made God consumable. While its teeth rot and its organs fail society is left to die because its God-diet is unhealthy. How do we recover from such a poor consumption of God. The answer is the Inflexible Gospel and its found at Easter.

This series is about consuming the true God in a way that not only improves the quality of our life, but extends it through the eternal corridors of time.

Kryptonite!: Defeating the Things that Weaken Us

We all act like Superman sometimes, don't we? We think we can go non-stop. We are convinced we can defeat any enemy that comes our way. We know we are strong enough to win any battle. Then, it happens. We fail. We lose. We get too weak to win. Superman called it Kryptonite- you and I can just call it life because at some point something comes along and weakens us and reminds us we can't do it, we aren't strong enough, and we can't win on our own. Everyone has a Kryptonite- even Superman. This series explores the power of faith and how a relationship with Christ strengthens you so the next time your Kryptonite comes along you don't feel weak like Superman you feel strong like the SuperSaint God made you to be in Christ!

Not Your Ordinary Christmas: Things Not Found Under the Tree

Most people wake up Christmas morning to a decked-out tree towering over a collection of decorative boxes wrapped in shiny paper.  Once the tearing is over and the contents of the boxes revealed, then Christmas, for all intents and purposes – is over. God never intended it to be that way. He gave the world anything but an ordinary Christmas. God gave presents that are opened in the heart and are meant to last a lifetime. This series examines the first Christmas and what Jesus brought to those willing to open God’s gift by faith.

Gospel of Mark: The Suffering Servant of the Lord

This series is a tour through the Gospel of Mark. Mark presents Jesus as the suffering Servant of the Lord. This gospel helps us see the service and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and and what it means to us today.

Empty: Living Faith in a World Full of Itself

This series focuses on things God wants out of our life so we can live a victorious and fruitful Christian life. The life He designed for us in Christ!

Heaven's Highway: Four Roads that Explain Easter

This four week series traces four roads Jesus traveled on his way to the cross and after the resurrection. Each of these roads reveal different aspects of the Easter story and give us a closer look at the Lord Jesus and what He means to us.

He Is Coming! Examining Your Faith

The blessed hope of every Christian is the return of Jesus Christ. It is the finish line of faith and should be embraced by all believers. However, many Christians aren't that excited about it. For a variety of reasons many don't want him to come back today. This series seeks to help remedy those feelings and turn us in faith and hope toward our Savior's arrival.
This series takes a look at the coming judgment of God with an emphasis on its application today.