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Chuck Clark

  • Wife Tammy and 3 Children
  • Lives in Dumfries, VA
  • Author of Just Breathe, 2012
  • Author of The Day God Wore Sneakers 2013
  • Doctor of Ministy (D.Min.): Pastoral Leadership
  • Tennessee Temple University - Chattanooga, TN 2010
  • Master of Arts: Biblical Studies (M.A.B.S.)
  • Tennessee Temple University - Chattanooga, TN 2007
  • Bachelor of Arts: Pastoral Studies
  • Virginia Baptist College - Fredericksburg, VA 2003

Philosophy of Ministry

Ministry must always have as its absolute focus a growing and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Followers of Christ should be baptized by immersion into the local community of believers and from this foundation a ministry grows. I believe the mission of the local church should be to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ that results in a life that counts for God.

Ministry should be faith based and faith executed. The local church should be a place where the impossible becomes possible through a dynamic and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

I believe that expository preaching is the greatest need in the local church today. I believe the preaching and teaching of the Word of God must take precedence in the local church. Without a solid teaching and preaching base the local church cannot fulfill the Great Commission which calls for us to make disciples of all nations. All ministries in the local church must align with the Word of God and bring, as its ultimate goal, glory to God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

I believe the local church should be active in world evangelism through missions giving.

I believe in autonomy of the local church, but local churches can and should periodically partner with like-minded churches for the Cause of Christ as the local body desires.
I believe worship is supposed to be in Spirit and in truth. That means God is most interested in the heart of the individual as opposed to religious activity. The local church should be flexible in areas of dress and music as long as God is the focus, the Word is our guide, and love is our motive.

I believe the ministry of the local church is best accomplished when everyone is involved. A decentralized focus is paramount to the body of Christ functioning as it is supposed to. The Spirit gifts every believer with at least one spiritual gift to be used in edifying the body of believers. The result being that one person or a group of persons cannot do everything. Christians of all ages have the capacity to serve and should be challenged and encouraged to ministries within their gifting.

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